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Rescuing Nature's Images through the reuse of Marble ~ Granite ~ Glass – The Ultimate in Recycling!

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With 20 years of environmental business experience, mainly in recycling, I found another outlet for recycling that involved art. Finding a creative way to reuse, recycle reclaimed construction materials from the trash has been a very enjoyable journey that started in 2004. In a very primitive manner, I use the natural veins of the marble and granite to speak to the form of the piece. Fitting the pieces together is a puzzle that the stone chooses.


Fusing Glass has been a growing interest. In 2008 while looking for new items to add to my recognition line, I started working with hot glass processes. All glass awards and recognition pieces are one of a kind and can be etched to personalize the piece.


After working in the non-profit arena for the past eight years, volunteer recognition is the best way to show your organizations appreciation for a person that gives their time unselfishly. Seeking new and unusual ways to recognize volunteers is what first gave me the idea to use reclaimed materials for that purpose. My fused glass pieces contain a percent of recycled glass that needs a second life. The stands are made from reclaimed rock from the construction process in building construction and metal which consists of a minimum of 67% recycled steel.


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